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Schools were the true stars of Expo Milano 2015.
Join us in this wave of change: become part of the COMMUNITY of TIE. The best stories - selected among those you will send through your participation in the MISSIONS - will be published here, in the SCHOOL LAB, in the language in which they were sent.
Let's share your ideas!


29 Jun
AUTORE/ Team: Together in 2D, IC “De Amicis”, Porto Salvo Mileto, Italy TITOLO MISSIONE: Il cibo che nutre la mente Grazie a questa miss...
21 Jun
AUTORE/ Team: grimaldini, IPSAR Istituto Alberghiero, Modica, Italy TITOLO MISSIONE: FILASTROCCHE PER CRESCERE/KIDS In questa filastrocca ab...
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24 Jun
AUTORE/ Team: Energy for life1, Liceul „Nichita Stanescu”, Bucarest, Romania TITOLO MISSIONE: Food for the future Durante il workshop al...
20 Jun
How to fish in a more efficent way? In the US they had a bright idea and the US State Department has been hosting a hackathon revolving arou...
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30 Jun
La moda? Oggi è vegana! Lo dimostrano molte start up nell'ambito fashion che, anche in Italia, hanno iniziato a produrre capi e accessori "...
10 Jun
Il progetto smart health 2.0 è dedicato all’innovazione nella sanità. Si tratta di una innovazione supportata dal PON per le Smart Citie...
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22 Jun
FAO has promised to help the improvement of food security and agriculture sustainability in Turkey, to sustain the country in its cope with ...
02 Jun
In Pittsburgh, USA, there is a project that provides healthy meals and snacks for food insecure children and their families, by utilizing va...
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