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Ideas, technologies and resources that will define the future of what we eat and how we produce it. Respecting the environment and the territories, ensuring everyone the right to food.
24 Jun
AUTORE/ Team: Energy for life1, Liceul „Nichita Stanescu”, Bucarest, Romania TITOLO MISSIONE: Food for the future Durante il workshop al Salone del Libro di Torino abbiamo ideato e lanciato la missione social “Food for the future”. Vi avete partecipato in tantis...
20 Jun
How to fish in a more efficent way? In the US they had a bright idea and the US State Department has been hosting a hackathon revolving around fishing sustainability. It is called the Fishackathon! Read more on Grist. -- Foto credits: Tom Magliery
17 Jun
The adventure of TIE 2016 is now coming to an end: it has been a great experience and we want to thank you all for your precious work, attitude and engagement. As per our regulation, there are three final winners (one for each of the following age groups: 3-10 y.o., 11-...
15 Jun
AUTORE/ Team: quarta b, Scuola Primaria “Manzoni”, Ornago. TITOLO MISSIONE: LA SCIENZA E LA TECNOLOGIA SONO DONNE Alcuni ambiti di studio come le materie scientifiche ancora oggi vengono definiti una “questione da maschi” eppure anche in passato alcune donne in ...
14 Jun
Robots, sensors, in vitro meat, genetically modified food, automation, engineering: these are just some of the tech practices and innovations that are radically changing the future of how we will produce, eat, process food. Read more here.  
01 Jun
May is already behind us! And thus... we have three new winners winners of the prize BEST TEAM OF THE MONTH! The winners were, as per our regulation, the three teams (one for each of the following age groups: 3-10 y.o., 11-13 y.o. and 14-19 y.o.) who have obtained the h...
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